To provide support for public safety personnel with non-line of duty,  sudden life compromising illness; and support for youth who demonstrate Kent’s legacy of living.

​​Inspire By Example

Share your inspiring story of responder's, individuals, youth or businesses for their caring hearts or work ethic in our community. Big or small, we'll recognize their compassion & efforts regularly on our site!

our mission:

​​The Hope is – no one will need our help.  The Heart of the matter is – someone will. There is a gap between the many agencies that support first responder's and their families lost in the line of duty or injured on the job and non-line of duty life threatening illness.  We want to bridge the gap where other charities fall short to help when needed most.

Our vision is to be a support organization for first responders in Pima County, assisting in times of need to help reduce the traumatic impact of facing life threatening illness so the individual can put their focus on getting well. The need is most often financial, but extends to other areas as well.

100% of donations go directly to First Responders.​​  



Kent's Heart and Hope Foundation

A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

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Hearts For Hope

First Responders are faced with more issues than just illness.  Our Hearts for Hope program assists with special needs/requests from officers in an effort to improve their quality of life to help them through hurdles affecting them.

Helping Hearts

Provide immediate comfort for those needing resources and support from our care team of individuals.

​​Hearts Relief

Provide some financial assistance for first responders to help reduce burden caused if faced with sudden, life threatening illness.

I Would Love To Support First Responders!


Helping Those who help you!