Heart’s Relief.Provide some financial assistance for first responder's to help reduce burden,  caused if faced with sudden life threatening illness.

Helping Hearts.  Provide immediate comfort for those needing resources and support from our care team of individuals whether to be at the hospital to give your family a break, run errands, stock your fridge, or sometimes, people just need a buddy -  we can help.

Hearts for Hope. Many first responders are faced with issues where services are limited but they still need help.  Our program covers a variety of support and assistance related to family resources, mental health support, or other resources with the goal of improving the responders quality of life.

I Would Love To Support First Responders!

Kent's Heart and Hope Foundation

A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

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Application Criteria:

1) Currently employed as a first responder. 

2) While donations are appreciated, you do not need to be a contributing member to request assistance.

3) If applicable, financial support will be considered when personal leave has been exhausted; and when other financial avenues have been explored.

To apply download the application from our website and email it back to us.

Disclaimer:  Application does not guarantee approval.  Additional criteria that may be requested include remaining sick/leave/comp time benefits, spousal insurance, doctor bills, etc.  

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