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Kent & Gabrielle Rhind

​​Kent and I met in 1995 and immediately knew - this was "us"!   Since he died in 2013, I've lived what seems like 50 hard years.  I've gained a lot of insight trying to navigate life without him - and it began when his friend - who, when I cried saying, "This wasn't the plan - what I want is Kent back", sternly said, "that's not an option - you took a hit, now get up and fight back with Plan B".  I'm still taking hits but my defenses are up, and so is a better ability to know what matters, to know what to say and not to say; and to know how to help when it's needed most.

It's challenging to live with a broken heart and the grief of what "could, should, would have been". But, as many others do, I press on with a substantially better gratitude for what I have, aiming to continue helping others as Kent did while remaining vividly aware, that the rug can be yanked out from under any "plan" in a second.

My appreciation for those who saw and still help me through this hit is endless, as is my love for Kent.  It is my hope that Kent's Foundation can help others to get up and keep fighting if their rug gets pulled out from under them.

President and Founder



To provide support for public safety personnel with non-line of duty, sudden life compromising illness; and support for youth who demonstrate Kent’s legacy of living.  

Community Accolades:

2020 Inside Tucson Business

Women of Influence "Non-Profit Champion"

KOLD TV13 2018 Community Hero

I Would Love To Support First Responders!